Heart Health Program

Is a program to track your cardiac health and lifestyle behaviors.

Cardiac Consultation

Assesses your cardiac mobility to determine the appropriate medical treatment.

Pulmonary Function Test

Is a series of tests to measure lung functionality and capacity.

Internal Medicine Consultation

Deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Electrocardiogram (ECHO)

Is a test to determine the size and shape or your heart.

Stress Echo

Is an exercise test to assess your cardiovascular capacity.

Holter Monitoring

Is a recording device to monitor cardiac activity over a certain time period.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Measures blood pressure at regular intervals outside a clinic setting.

Exercise Stress Test

Determines how your heart responds to rest and physical activity.

A Reliable Diagnostic Centre With Quality Service

Today, almost 70% of medical decisions in medical practice depend on diagnostics. At MedCare Diagnostics, our diagnostics services cover a comprehensive range of radiology, cardiology, pathology, health check-ups and a host of other value-added services. We cater a wide range of diagnostic services to patients within all age groups, right from young age patients to the elderly. We also conduct COVID-19 testing in Brampton and COVID-19 testing in Niagara Falls for international travel, workplace screening, sports teams, hotel employees, schools colleges and universities, and more which are available at our testing centers in Niagara Falls and Brampton.