An Exercise Stress Test determines how well your heart will respond during times of rest and while working its hardest.

Why is an Exercise Stress Test required?

  • To provide information on how the heart responds to exertion
  • To determine if there is enough blood flow to your heart during increasing levels of activity
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of your heart medications to control angina and ischemia
  • To identify abnormal heart rhythms
  • To assess the function of heart valves, if they are not functioning properly

Length of Time:

Approximately 60 minutes.

Preparation for Test:

Do not eat or drink anything, except water, for 4 hours prior to the test. Do not drink or eat foods containing caffeine for 12 hours prior to the test. Ask your doctor which heart medications you should omit taking on the day of your test. If you use an inhaler for your breathing, bring it to the test. On the day of your stress test, wear soft-soled shoes suitable for walking and wear comfortable clothes.